Being the Hands of Jesus

Showing Jesus. Offering Spiritual and Physical Help In Times of Disaster. The […]

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The Church of the Bible

What is the church of the Bible? When did it start? These […]

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Thank you for visiting the Waverly Church of Christ web site. We pray you go away with a rejuvenated spirit, and may God bless you for wanting to know more of Him!

Our Goal is to restore the New Testament church in our time. We attempt to determine from the Bible what the church was like in the beginning, and to be like that original church as much as possible. We work to be a Bible-centered church. Every church of Christ is autonomous (independent). We are not associated with any denomination or organized religious group. However, we reach out to other congregations. We hold the Bible as our ONLY guide in religious matters. Our Worship is simple, but devout. It is not characterized by displays of entertainment, but is calculated to draw each worshiper closer to God and to provide enduring spiritual strength, the way our Father intended by the pure milk of the Word alone.