Our Missions Ministry

 Provides a free home-Bible study for members and non-members

 Provide Worship services at all our nursing homes.

 Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, Nashville, TN

 Eastern European Missions

 Paul Gerber—South Africa

 Alexander & Eleni Melirrytos—Greece

 Potter Children’s Home—Bowling Green, KY

 Tennessee Children’s Home—Spring Hill, TN

 Warrenton church of Christ—Warrenton, GA

 Worldwide Spanish Literature—Wichita Falls, TX

 Overseeing congregation of Jorge Torres and the work in San Salvador


Women’s Ministry

 First Day Home Food Program—caring for those just out of the hospital

 Hosts an annual Ladies Day

 Fuel Program—helps underprivileged children at school with basic meals to take

home and eat for themselves.

 “Spare Change” campaign—collection of change to help send an underprivileged

child to Bible camp.

 Help in providing necessities for our San Salvador congregation by sewing dresses and purchasing basic household products.

 Our ladies teach many Bible classes for our youth.


Youth Ministry

 Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes—a Spiritual program to prepare our youth from 3

  years old and up to become Spiritual leaders and better Bible scholars.

 Classes for 6 month olds and up with a staffed nursery for younger babies.

 G.A.P (Guys/Girls Applying Prayer)

 Children’s Training for Worship

 Round Up

 Study Help


 Lock-ins and LateNights

 Challenge Youth Conference

– Exposure Youth Camp

 Evangelism University

 Vacation Bible School

 Summer Mission Trip

 Leatherwood Bible Camp

 Family Fun Night


 Summer Youth Series—Every week in the summer, area churches bring their

youth for youth worship.