Over the last few months we have seen many things, not only in this country, but throughout the world which prompts fear and concern in our hearts. The shooting in Orlando nightclub. The shooting of police officers in Dallas, Texas. In the midst of all that we see around us, there is a great need for something which gives us a sense of security and peace.  Today, in the midst of all the confusion and chaos we see around us, we, like Peter, James and John need a glimpse of our Lord’s glory.  It is the one thing which will give us direction in a world whose compass is broken. His glory will give us peace and comfort in the midst of turmoil. But how do we see His glory?

God has allowed each of us the choice as to whether or not we will spend time alone with Him. Each of us are busy, and we make time for those things which are important to us. Put it on your calendar if you have to, but carve out time each day to be alone with the Lord.
Perhaps there are times in your life when you find yourself spiritually sluggish. Ask God to help you focus upon His Word and what He is saying through it.
There is nothing else in all the world that we are to put on the same plane with our Lord — He alone is to be exalted above all else. It is easy to get distracted with good things which fall short of Christ, but it is only Jesus that we are to fix our eyes upon (Hebrews 12:2).
Obeying Him means we keep seeking His kingdom first, above the things of this world (Matthew 6:33). We openly confess Him in this evil world.
As long as we live in this world and seek to live a Christian life, we will be persecuted. How do we keep pressing on the upward way?
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